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Corona: wash your hands and then cream!

Washing your hands extensively and often protects them from viruses and bacteria. But it doesn’t do our skin very well. Then she needs a lot of care. Because dry, cracked skin is also a gateway for germs.

We all know that when the frost is really acrid in winter, our hands are freezing cold and the skin becomes cracked and brittle. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can be painful. Then it says: Lubricate a lot, a lot, to give the skin back what it urgently needs: grease and moisture.

The natural protective coat

Frequent and intensive hand washing means stress for the skin. It is imperative for hygiene, but the skin surface dries out. If we additionally disinfect our hands, this means even more irritation for the skin.

Frequent hand washing and disinfectants fight pathogens , but they also damage the skin and attack the acid coat. But we urgently need it. It fights off pollutants and bacteria and also fights dangerous pathogens that try to penetrate our body. Bacteria, viruses or fungi are everywhere in our environment, and the skin on our hands is particularly exposed to these influences.

The pH value is also important for the condition of our skin and its natural protection. It should be in a range between 4.1 and 5.8, depending on the region of the body, among other things. Pathogens cannot develop in a slightly acidic environment. The so-called acid mantle is therefore of fundamental importance.

The older we get, the less moisture our skin can store and our own fat production also decreases. The natural protective cover becomes thinner and more sensitive. The skin of older people suffers from frequent hand washing more than the skin of younger people. For everyone, however, the following applies: frequent hand washing requires frequent creaming.

It takes our body about four weeks to produce, for example, the epidermis fat. So if someone washes their hands all the time without applying any cream, they destroy the grease film. In order to mitigate the degreasing effect of soap, it is important that it has moisturizing properties and contains no preservatives if possible.



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