Welcome at the Homepage of RESP e.V.!

We are a student association, founded in 2016. We want to improve our student life, bring people together by creating activities, projects and organize events such as banquets, panel discussions, academic lectures, workshops, sport and cultural evenings.

Our mission is to embrace cultural diversity, create joyful moments and share experience. Most important is our connection to the European Campus and to City of Pfarrkirchen to enable a bond to the region.

Participate in projects, share your knowledge, plan with us fun trips and educational excursions. Let’s make our time here as enjoyable, memorable and growing as possible!

It all starts with you 🙂

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Membership in RESP e.V.

Become a member for 10 Euro / Sememster and build a student network, participate in social, cultural and educational activities and enjoy small excursions.

What our Members say about RESP

Who are RESPies?

Respies are the excited and engaging Members of our association RESP. It would be impossible to create amazing events without the creativity and helping hands of them. Therefore every RESPie plays an important role in the process, gets the chance to envolve in projects. As we always say, it all starts with you!

Purpose of the Association?

In order to follow our mission along with all ongoing events and projects, RESP offers to all of us, as part of the Deggendorf Institut of Technology, the opportunity to create activities outside the classroom.

The opportunities of events are broad, covering almost every field of interest. To realize a project it always depends on the capacity and the interest of people. So we can say, that with the right people, everything is possible! 

The Board of Directors

Ones per year we elect our board of directors, as well as the advisory board. The purpose of the main board is to administrate and organise legal and financial apsects and take the responsibility for contact arragements. Every member of the board has an own task, that he or she is taking care of. Every RESP member can become part of the board. So if you are full of creativity, enjoy talking to people, like to take responsibilities or simple feel right for working constantly on organisational activities, then becoming part of the Board is the right thing for you.